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Jan 24, 2019 PCCloneEX software where can i puchase a key? Add to Wishlist . Beppu Ropeway is a mountain funitour in Beppu, Ōita, Japan. The mountain is shaped like a lamp. Access The cable car is located on Sankō, Aso, and is used to cross Aso Lake. The destination is about 1 km from the base of the mountain. Access to the base is paid, 1,200 JPY. References External links Official website Category:Mountain passes of Japan Category:Landforms of Ōita Prefecture Category:Tourist attractions in Ōita Prefecture Category:Mountains of Ōita Prefecture Category:Beppu, Ōita Category:FunitoursBusinessweek Archives Treasury: Billions In Blackout Costs March 22, 2001 BusinessWeek News: Treasury: Billions In Blackout Costs Since the lights went out in October, the government has spent nearly $15 billion to keep the lights on in California. Now the federal government stands to pay -- and perhaps much more -- if California's energy crisis has its way. The deal could cost billions and at least temporarily cripple recovery from last year's 2000 blackout. The underlying problem is California's cost of wholesale electricity, which doubled in January and now probably will not fall until summer's heat slackens demand. The state already spends thousands of dollars a day buying electricity in an unworkable market. Just last month the Department of Water and Resources spent $325 million on electricity for its first 4,000 inmates, which had all gone to sleep because of a power shortage. Over the seven-month blackout, the state has paid $9.25 billion for electricity. The state still owes $3 billion to power suppliers, some of which have stopped selling to the state because they can't get paid. And it still owes $1.8 billion to power producers. Congressional Republicans have seized on California's woes as an example of a lawless, anti-capitalist state. The Democrats say the criticism is a partisan stunt aimed at diverting attention from government failures to preserve and manage California's electricity, one of the biggest problems facing the west. Mismanagement and misdeeds by California's fledgling electric-power industry are to blame, says


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